The Revelation of the Great Name of God

and of the Testimony of Jesus, and the New City of God, the New Jerusalem and the Coming of the Foreigner of God

"Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever." - Ecclesiastes 1:4 (NIV)

The world will not end, it will have a new beginning. One people, one world and One God.

The LORD will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one LORD, and his name the only name. Zechariah 14:9 (NIV)

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The Sign of the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord


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Revealed on January 2007


This prophecy will happen soon in the Middle East.  Surely you are aware of what is happening in Iraq and in the region. Maestro Eraño M. Evangelista says: if they will not stop the killing and listen to the Message of God given by the “foreigner”, the war will soon reach a point where all of the prophecies given in the Holy Bible concerning that place will happen.


An oracle concerning Babylon that Isaiah son of Amoz saw:
Raise a banner on a bare hilltop, shout to them;
beckon to them to enter the gates of the nobles.
I have commanded my holy ones;
I have summoned my warriors to carry out my wrath -
those who rejoice in my triumph.
Listen, a noise on the mountains, like that of a great multitude!
Listen, an uproar among the kingdoms,
like nations massing together!
The LORD Almighty is mustering an army for war.
They come from faraway lands,
from the ends of the heavens –

the LORD and the weapons of his wrath -
to destroy the whole country.
Isaiah 13:1-5 (NIV)


Many countries came and fought against Iraq.


Wail, for the day of the LORD is near;
it will come like destruction from the Almighty.
Because of this, all hands will go limp,
every man's heart will melt.
Terror will seize them, pain and anguish will grip them;
they will writhe like a woman in labor.
They will look aghast at each other, their faces aflame.
See, the day of the LORD is coming
- a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger -
to make the land desolate and destroy the sinners within it.
The stars of heaven and their constellations
will not show their light.
The rising sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light.
I will punish the world for its evil, the wicked for their sins.
I will put an end to the arrogance of the haughty
and will humble the pride of the ruthless.
Isaiah 13:6-11 (NIV)


These are the events that followed after the invasion of Iraq.  What will happen soon?


I will make man scarcer than pure gold,
more rare than the gold of Ophir.
Isaiah 13:12 (NIV)


What kind of a man?


Therefore I will make the heavens tremble;
and the earth will shake from its place
at the wrath of the LORD Almighty,
in the day of his burning anger.
Like a hunted gazelle, like sheep without a shepherd,
each will return to his own people, each will flee to his native land.
Whoever is captured will be thrust through;
all who are caught will fall by the sword.
Their infants will be dashed to pieces before their eyes;
their houses will be looted and their wives ravished.
See, I will stir up against them the Medes,
who do not care for silver and have no delight in gold.
Their bows will strike down the young men;
they will have no mercy on infants
nor will they look with compassion on children.
Isaiah 13:13-18 (NIV)


This is the everyday scene in Iraq, human suicide bombings and killings.




Babylon, the jewel of kingdoms,
the glory of the Babylonians' pride,
will be overthrown by God
like Sodom and Gomorrah.
She will never be inhabited
or lived in through all generations;
no Arab will pitch his tent there,
no shepherd will rest his flocks there.
Isaiah 13:19-20 (NIV)


"overthrown by God like Sodom and Gomorrah" - remember what happened to these places.


Are we not in the same state today?


Visualize this prophecy and what it will take for this to happen.  It can only be done by a nuclear explosion!  This is the prophecy of God.  It is up to the people of the Middle East and the occupying forces if they will let it happen or not.


But desert creatures will lie there,
jackals will fill her houses;
there the owls will dwell,
and there the wild goats will leap about.
Hyenas will howl in her strongholds,
jackals in her luxurious palaces.
Her time is at hand,
and her days will not be prolonged.
Isaiah 13:21-22 (NIV)


That place will no longer be fit for man to live in.


As the prophecies are happening, there is another revelation in the prophecies that will be soon known by the people of the world.


The LORD will have compassion on Jacob;
once again he will choose Israel
and will settle them in their own land.
Aliens will join them and unite with the house of Jacob.
Nations will take them and bring them to their own place.
And the house of Israel will possess the nations
as menservants and maidservants in the LORD's land.
They will make captives of their captors
and rule over their oppressors.
On the day the LORD gives you relief from suffering and

turmoil and cruel bondage, you will take up this taunt against

the king of Babylon: How the oppressor has come to an end!
How his fury has ended!
Isaiah 14:1-4 (NIV)


"king of Babylon" - Who is he?


The LORD has broken the rod of the wicked,
the scepter of the rulers, which in anger struck down peoples
with unceasing blows, and in fury subdued nations
with relentless aggression.
All the lands are at rest and at peace;
they break into singing.
Even the pine trees and the cedars of Lebanon
exult over you and say,
"Now that you have been laid low,
no woodsman comes to cut us down."
Isaiah 14:5-8 (NIV)


This is the time when the "angel" sent forth in Revelation 22:16 will reveal the Testimony of Jesus to all people.  What is his revelation?


The grave below is all astir to meet you at your coming;
it rouses the spirits of the departed to greet you -  
all those who were leaders in the world;
it makes them rise from their thrones -
all those who were kings over the nations.
They will all respond, they will say to you,
"You also have become weak, as we are;
you have become like us."
All your pomp has been brought down to the grave,
along with the noise of your harps;
maggots are spread out beneath you
and worms cover you.
How you have fallen from heaven,
O morning star, son of the dawn!
You have been cast down to the earth,
you who once laid low the nations!
You said in your heart, "I will ascend to heaven;
I will raise my throne above the stars of God;
I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly,
on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain.
I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;
I will make myself like the Most High."
Isaiah 14:9-14 (NIV)


This is the final revelation on Jesus by the "angel," as it is written in Revelation 22:16.  It is a time when the "angel" will show to all people that Jesus admitted already that he is only a "son of David" and not a "son of God," that he is also the "bright morning star" as prophesied in Isaiah 14:12.


Let us return to:


Babylon, the jewel of kingdoms,
the glory of the Babylonians' pride,
will be overthrown by God
like Sodom and Gomorrah.
She will never be inhabited
or lived in through all generations;
no Arab will pitch his tent there,
no shepherd will rest his flocks there.
Isaiah 13:19-20 (NIV)


Can we still find another prophecy that speaks of its destruction?


I will punish Bel in Babylon
and make him spew out what he has swallowed.
The nations will no longer stream to him.
And the wall of Babylon will fall.
"Come out of her, my people!
Run for your lives!
Run from the fierce anger of the LORD.
Do not lose heart or be afraid
when rumors are heard in the land;
one rumor comes this year, another the next,
rumors of violence in the land
and of ruler against ruler.
Jeremiah 51:44-46


And to continue:


I will make her officials and wise men drunk, her governors, officers and warriors as well;
they will sleep forever and not awake," declares the King, whose name is the LORD Almighty.  This is what the LORD Almighty says:
"Babylon's thick wall will be leveled and her high gates set on fire;
the peoples exhaust themselves for nothing, the nations' labor is only fuel for the flames."   This is the message Jeremiah gave to the staff officer Seraiah son of Neriah, the son of Mahseiah, when he went to Babylon with Zedekiah king of Judah in the fourth year of his reign.  Jeremiah had written on a scroll about all the disasters that would come upon Babylon - all that had been recorded concerning Babylon.  He said to Seraiah, "When you get to Babylon, see that you read all these words aloud.  Then say, 'O LORD, you have said you will destroy this place, so that neither man nor animal will live in it; it will be desolate forever.'  When you finish reading this scroll, tie a stone to it and throw it into the Euphrates.  Then say, 'So will Babylon sink to rise no more because of the disaster I will bring upon her.  And her people will fall.' "
The words of Jeremiah end here.
Jeremiah 51:57-64 (NIV)


This is the revelation of the prophecy on Babylon.  You know the place.


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The Revelation of the Foreigner as mentioned by King Solomon in:

“As for the foreigner who does not belong to your people Israel but has come from a distant land because of your name— for they will hear of your great name and your mighty hand and your outstretched arm—when he comes and pray toward this temple, then hear from heaven, your dwelling place. Do whatever the foreigner asks of you, so that all the peoples of the earth may know your name and fear you, as do your own people Israel, and may know that this house I have built bears your Name."

I Kings 8:41-43 (NIV)



Maestro Eraño M. Evangelista was only sent to deliver God's Message to all people; he is not starting a new religion, nor asking for any kind of donation. Please find time to read the messages completely.



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